Culture describes how things are and acts as a screen or lens through which the world is viewed. In essence it defines reality for those within the school, gives them support and identity and creates a framework for occupational learning.

At Monument Primary School we believe that the world is a stage, and our stage is the world.


Monument is very proud of its school choirs. The school has a junior and senior choir. They are our biggest ambassadors on the cultural front. Both choirs perform on several occasions and festivals in town and surrounding area. The most popular is the performance with well-known singers like Refentse, Chris Chamelion and also with the Drakensberg Boys Choir. We also participate in the eisteddfod and in 2018 we also participated in the “Sing in Harmony” competition. We were the KwaZulu Natal winners and in the final we ended up as one of the top 5 schools. Both our choirs have a special sound that is food for the soul.

Speech & Drama

Learners are encouraged to take part in speech and drama and may participate in a wide range of categories in three languages. The Speech & Drama Association supplies us with qualified adjudicators who provide constructive and encouraging feedback, both written and verbally after adjudicating the learners. Certificates of achievement are awarded to all participants. After the festival top achievers show their talent at our annual Speech and Drama Honours Evening where one of the highlights of the evening is the choral verses done by the classes.


Die ATKV-Redenaarskompetisie vereis 'n oorredende en beredeneerde toespraak. Die hoofdoel is nie die oordra van kennis aan die gehoor nie, maar om die gehoor tot die standpunt wat die spreker stel,  te beïnvloed en te oorreed. Deelnemers moet eie toesprake voorberei en mag nie gepubliseerde artikels woordeliks aanhaal nie. Die ATKV redenaarskompetisie gee vir die leerders die geleentheid om op hierdie gebied ook ons hul sê te kan sê. Verskeie van ons leerders eindig jaarliks as van die top 10-presteerders in die land.

Public Speaking

Our English speaking learners take part in the South African Literacy Association public speaking competition and an orator’s competition. Good public speaking skills are the easiest and most crucial skill that most of us need to take into the real world. Thus any form of public speaking is an art and should be refined. We first have our internal competition, from there learners advance to a regional competition. The top learners then attend the Emalahleni English Orators competition. As with the “Redenaars”, our speakers achieve excellent results.

Bible Quiz

The annual JRB Bible Quiz is an opportunity for learners to participate in a competition where their knowledge of the Bible is broadened. The Monument teams consist of four teams, consisting of four learners per team. Certain sections of the Bible are pre-announced, which the learners must learn and prepare themselves with. Two rounds are written in the second and third term. All the papers are centrally marked by the head office. Monument learners enjoy this challenge and opportunity to learn more from and of the Bible.

Talent Show

In a school with 800 learners there are a lot of talent and what better platform to showcase this talent than at the annual Monument talent show. Learners attend an audition and the best performers are then invited to show their talent at the show. The show production consists of singing, dancing, acting, gymnastics, the playing a musical instrument, etc. Monument learners definitely have amazing talents!


This is to show off the talent of our Grade R class. These young learners have a formidable program where they do rhythmical movements according to the music. With colourful costumes, moves, singing and dancing they are cherished by the audience. They are only six years old but with their energetic performance and dance with the school mascot, they are loved by one and all!


This must be one of the highlights on the school’s calendar. Every year a production is done by either the Grade R phase, Junior phase or Senior phase learners. It is wonderful to see talented young learners perform on stage and give life to the script. With a school hall filled with lights, sound equipment and props it  turns into a professional production which is always supported by the community.


The Carols by Candlelight concert gives everybody an opportunity to get into the spirit of Christmas. Traditionally a minister shares the message of the birth of Christ, after which there is a play as well as the singing of psalms and hymns. This concludes the morning which is enjoyed by all who attend this joyful event.

Music Department

The Monument music department is the heart of the school’s cultural activities. With a music classroom and qualified musical teacher singing and playing a musical instrument is at the forefront of all activities. This is where the love for singing and dancing is nurtured and new stars, and performers are discovered.