Quality Teaching

In our mission statement we indicate the following:  that excellence is achieved through quality teaching, and that reliability and efficiency in the classroom is expected of the educator as well as the learner. Monument believes that a school is as good as the teachers standing in front of the classes.  Our educators from Gr. R – 7, are qualified, experienced and passionate and their aim is to let your children reap the benefits of their expertise.  This means that the academic standard at our school is exceptionally high.

During the last number of years, the educator corps has shown little change and this has assured that continued excellent results are achieved by our learners at the local High School and other secondary institutions. At the local High School’s Annual Prize Giving ceremonies, our former learners have consistently achieved excellent results.

Teachers are committed to their task and training during the year is of the utmost importance to ensure consistent quality education. Teachers therefore regularly attend workshops hosted by the Kwazulu Natal Department of Education.  This ensures that they are confident with the application of syllabi and new techniques. Staff attend cluster meetings in the district which ensures that our standard is high and also assists colleagues because of the sharing of information where and when possible. Workshops offered by the unions and other accredited private institutions ensures that staff is always well informed. Regular teambuilding sessions amongst staff is always fun and enjoyed by all.