Supersport visits Monument

Supersport visits Monument Primary School
The "Super sport let's play" team visited our school on Tuesday 8 September. 40 of our grade 4 learners took part. Their skill levels were put to the test and they passed with flying colours. Well done boys and girls we are proud of you.

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1st Rugby excursion

On Friday the 11th of September the 1st team rugby boys and their coaches made their way to Four Rivers Rafting Adventures. The excursion was filled with fun activities and ended off with a braai and good laughs. What an excellent way to end off the year.

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Gr.7 Career Day

Monument Primary held their grade 7 career day on 10 September. Children were encouraged to dress up for the day reflecting a career of their choice. The Children were extremely creative with careers ranging from doctors, attorneys, chefs, engineers, joining the SANDF, professional sport players, mechanics etc.

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